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Beauty Victoria Sweet fucked hard


Beauty Victoria Sweet fucked hard

Hey friends im a regular reader of iss and this is the first time im submitting my own story. Hope you people will like it…Let me introduce myself my name is naif and im 6ft tall and fair and very good looking..Im 29 years old and im a businessman.. This story is a recent one which happened about a month ago,. I went for a close friends party for dinner n ghazal and there my friend introduced me to a gal called tanya.. Tanya was about 27 years old fair and with a reasonably good figure say 34-28-36..

Tanya at first was extremely shy and was just keeping to herself but gradually with time we started talking and she began opening up.We cracked jokes had dinner and had spend time till 2am..She left around 3 and before leaving she took my blackberry pin and number.. I was still at the party after she left and in a while i got a msg from her on my blackberry..I was surprised but quite happy about it..We spoke till 7 in d morning and got quite close…I really wanted to meet her again and i asked her if i could meet her and she agreed readily…She told me she stays alone and that i can come over to her place by 11 pm and i agreed…

I went to her house which is quite far away from the city and i took my shisha(hookah) to her place because i love smoking hookah and to my surprise she was a hookah freak as well…We sat in her balcony and we were having hookah discussing about the party n all our common friends.. While i was joking around n bugging her i started pulling her chair towards me and she was smiling about it and i got her chair very close to mine and i stopped.. She was like naif there is still some gap and i understood that she probably has the same feeling so i closed in on her chair again n now our lips were just a second away from touching each other..We looked into each others eyes and went with the flow and started smooching wild like hungry people..I put ma tongue inside her mouth n started sucking her tongue we smooched passionately for sometime and then i moved ma hands on her boobs n started squeezing her tits..

She had the most beautiful looking tits perfect round tits with pink nipples and i pinched her nipples n she started moaning n was enjoying it like she was hungry for it..I squeezed her tits sucked them like there was no tomorrow and then went down n started kissing n licking her navel and she was moaning out ma name i licked her thighs and sucked her toes n kissed her feet nm sucked her feet n she was just moaning n going crazy she was frigging horny…I spread her legs n i started rolling my fingers over her pussy i could feel over her tights that her pussy was very very wet i rolled my fingers and then i pulled her tights down and there she was in her black panties with a perfect round ass..I spanked her ass hard n made her go crazy then i pulled her panty down n i started fingering her cunt……

I fingered here wet pussy wild n hard im really good at that and mind u all this was happening in her balcony it was dark n open n th most amazing place to be in..She went wild with my fingering my middle n ring finger were inside her vagina n then slowly i started licking her pussy and she was pushing my head with moans getting louder….I made her cum with her juices flowing out of her clean shaved pussy on my face and mouth….

I took her inside her kitchen n i pulled my shorts down n i asked her to play with cock..She was surprised to see my big dick which is 9 inches or a little more…..She said she cannot handle this big one i told her to stroke it n suck it..She stroked it with both her hands and finally started sucking my cock..I wanted her to deep throat it but because of the big size n thickness she could only take it half way….I fucked her mouth for 15 mins and pulled my cock out….

I made her turn and then i started putting my cock from behind in her pussy doggy style and started humping her..My strokes grew faster n she she was like aaahhhhh fuck me harder fuck the shit out of me i fucked her pussy for 25 mins while also spanking her round ass and when i was about to cum i made her kneel down on and put my load of cum on her face n mouth n she like a hungry person drank every drop of cum..After that we went n lay on her bad for sometime hugging each other and after a while we started kissing n touching each other…..We r getting a lil wild again and this time i made her sit on my cock n asked her to rid on…She was riding on my cock and i started pinching n sucking her nipples..

Her speed grew faster while riding on and she wa making noises as she was about to cum she was jumping on my cock n she finally cam with her juices flowing down my cock..I got up on the bed and put my cock in her mouth and asked her to taste her on cum..I made her suck my cock deep throat which she did with great difficulties but i face fucked her for a while and i came inside her mouth..I choked her mouth my big rod and splashed my cum insider her mouth…..We had sex till 6 in d morning.. I left her house at 6 kissed her goodbye and came the next day and fucked here again..We had great sessions for nearly 20 days n after that she introduced me to two of her friends who i fucked like crazy….This is my first ever story..Please let me know who it is..

Date: May 5, 2017

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