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Czech Beauty Tracy Smile Fucked With Relish


Czech Beauty Tracy Smile Fucked  With Relish

Introduction: After spying on my sister having sex with her new boyfriend, my wife and I go camping with them and have an unexpected sexual escapade I know none of us is likely to forget! My wife especially will be sore for a while… My wife and I lived in a condo in a nice suburban area for the last three years. Steph was cute, late twenties, big ass, nice tits, we had a great sex life. About a year ago, Mark bought the condo next to ours and became our neighbor. He was nice enough when we spoke, athletic and we seemed to get along well. He was always polite in front of Steph but had a little more of a crude edge to him when she wasnt around.

A couple months ago, my sister Tina started dating Mark which was nice that we could do things as a couple, go to restaurants, concerts, etc. Tina was a couple years younger than me, more lean than my wife with bigger breasts and short dark hair while my wife had a wild mane of long hair.

As a group we got along really well. Steph had set up Tina with Mark and they really hit it off. Before long she was sleeping at Marks overnight. I wasnt thrilled by the idea of my sister having sex with this guy but he was nice enough and we were all adults. As long as he was treating her right, why would I care one way or the other? Truthfully, I didnt until one night that we had all been drinking wine.

It was late and Tina and Mark excused themselves for the night and went home. Steph retired for the night and I was about to do the same. I was just turning off the TV when I realized that I could hear them giggling through the wall. All the condos were connected but I never gave it much thought. It was only now that things were quiet that I realized how thin the walls were.

At first there was just girlish giggling. Tina was pretty smashed when she left. I didnt think much of it at first but I was a bit of a snoop and I wondered what they were doing now. I could hear him talking but not what he was saying exactly.

I knew I should mind my own business but I wasnt. Instead, I just sat there straining my ears to hear what he might be saying to no avail. It wasnt until a few minutes later that I heard my sister moan in a very specific way that I knew exactly what they were doing. I couldnt believe that I was hearing them fucking and I couldnt stop listening.

Tina was moaning now and I was getting hard in my pants. I couldnt believe it! I knew my sister was attractive but I had never thought of her as a sexual being until now. I had always looked a little too long when we were growing up anytime I caught a glimpse of her getting out of the shower or changing, but I always thought of it as teenage curiosity… until now. She moaned as a woman, like a porn star and in total satisfaction. I had to see what was going on.

Opening the door onto our back patio, I leaned over the railing to peak through their window. I couldnt believe my eyes. There was my little sister, bent over the dining room table at a 90 degree angle, completely nude, legs on her tip toes, spread, while Mark was pushing his massive cock into her quivering wetness in long steady strokes. Their window was open and I could hear everything!

His was clearly, the biggest dick Id ever seen! Ive watched a lot of porn and enjoy seeing a woman fucked by a large cock as much as seeing a woman playing with herself, even more so and Mark was longer and thicker than any porn star stud Id ever seen laying pipe. It was a good ten inches long and thick enough that some girls must not be able to fit it inside themselves. My sister didnt seem to be having any problems there.

Her hands gripped the edges of the table while she let out guttural animal sounds feeling no mercy from her partners weapon. Mark was a piston like machine in my sister. Her ass jiggled with each impact and her mouth gaped open in revealing expressions of pleasure and pain.

I dont know when I got my hand into my pants, it was purely instinctual, but I knew by the time my sisters toes were curling and she was cumming that I had my cock out, in my fist and I was shooting the biggest wad of my life onto the side of their house!

I came while watching my little sister getting fucked, and still Mark was hip deep working her over. He was a machine in his work, never stopping or slowing or losing his strength and he pulled her short hair like reigns. His hands found her tits through her shirt and groped them from behind with malice, kneading her soft mounds like play-dough. She looked as though it was equal parts pain and pleasure and she let him work.

Taking her right leg and pulling it out to the side, Mark flipped her onto her back with his cock still inside her.

God, you fuck me so good! Tina pulled herself up by his shoulders to kiss him. Ill do anything you want.

Without missing a beat Mark said, I want to stretch your ass open like a dirty whore and make you cum again.

I was stunned. I was sure that my sister wouldnt be doing anything like that, but instead she giggled, I cant believe you just said that! And then she spit into her hand and reached down between her legs and helped move his cock from her pussy and aim it lower.

I was hard again and my hand found its way back down to my own aching member. She wiggled her ass around slowly as she lowered herself onto his impressive cock and bit her lip earnestly trying to fulfill his wishes. It took a minute before he was balls deep inside her again and she was hopping up and down on his pole.

My mind raced as fast as my hand on my cock, as fast as Tinas tight little sphincter stretched around her anal intruder, trying to figure out whether my sister was so loose because she was such a slut she slept with so many men that her ass was used to this kind of acrobatics or if it was just Mark that she let treat her like this and so often that such a thick cock could slide into her without much protest.

I bottomed out before he did and left another load on the side of their house. He was a merciless sadist and tireless! Tina came again, but Mark didnt. Instead, he pulled out and ordered her to get into the bedroom so he could finish her off. Sweat glistening off her naked body, my little sister eagerly pranced off in the direction of their bedroom and that was all the show I would get that night.

Admittedly, I couldnt forget what I saw that night. The image of my sister spread for my neighbor while he mercilessly plundered her goodies until she shuddered to climax multiple times was burned into my mind. I couldnt believe how much I enjoyed watching them. I hadnt told my wife about what I saw that night and instead I just slipped into our bedroom and thought about it while fucking Steph. She was half asleep and again I didnt take long before blowing a load into her pussy. A couple times, I tried slipping a finger into her ass but stopped after a couple unappreciative moans warned me off. I know she didnt cum and I still went to sleep hard, thinking about my sister.


A few weeks later, a camping trip my wife had planned and I had forgotten about, was underway. Mark and Tina were coming with us. Mark even suggested and booked us a very remote campground so we wouldnt be bothered by kids or other families. It should have been wholesome fun, campfires, swimming, beers and marshmallows. I had no idea what I was in for.

The first day we were up there Mark asked Tina to change her outfit.

Didnt you want to change into something that would get more sun, babe? Mark half said it and half suggested it.

It seemed an odd request. There was nothing wrong with the tank top and short shorts she was wearing in my opinion. My wife was wearing something a little less revealing in a regular Tshirt and jean cut offs. Tina seemed a little reluctant but complied with a mischievous grin.

Mark looks over and thanks us for this relaxing trip, Camping is so primal, out here in nature. Its nice to get back to basics.

The tent unzips a couple minutes later and Tina steps out in a tiny thong and embarrassingly small bikini top. Even barefoot, my little sister is almost six foot tall with long legs. The thong was practically non-existent in the back as evidenced when she turned around to zip the tent back up and her delicious fat ass was all I could see. The bikini was small enough that it barely held her breasts in when she walked, was clearly bought a couple sizes too small for her and aside from being so thin that her nipples were poking through the front, was also so small that her areolas peaked out over the tops of each overfilled cup. Every step she took threatened to spill her delicious titties out of their inadequate safety nets. Our jaws dropped. Was she really going to walk around like that in front of us?

We didnt know what to say. What do you say in that situation? I guess some people might have made some off the cuff comment about how inappropriate this was but my wife is too polite and I was shocked but secretly thrilled and wasnt going to say a word. Steph and I couldnt believe that Tina would do this. We gave each other knowing glances when Mark and Tina werent looking. Looks of incredulity and disgust. Mine were fake and I was hard in my shorts.

At first we just tried to adjust to this strange situation. Tina laid out in the sun and we decided not to be too prudish. After all, this would get her a great tan. But into the afternoon we started to notice other strange behavior. Mark didnt do anything for himself. Instead, he would tell Tina to get him a beer or find his bug spray or give him a back massage and she would dutifully comply! I was impressed and my wife was disgusted. He was treating my sister like his personal slave! In the evening he even had her cut up his food and feed him! Steph bit her tongue but I was in heaven watching my near nude, tall drink of sex toy sister bent over, ass out and spoon feeding her man.

At the end of the night when things got dark, we all excused ourselves and went to our respective tents. Even after it got dark, Tina never changed her outfit. Instead, Steph and I watched the fire light dance across her cleavage while she sat on Marks lap. After we watched them zip up their tent, we climbed into ours and whispered our disbelief at what we saw. Steph just kept asking why she would do that? That it was obviously Marks wish that she do all of this but why would she agree?

Then we started to hear them in their tent. At first it was just quiet moaning and my wife flashed me a wicked smile. My cock had been aching all day and I was ready to put it to good use. Clearly, listening to them fuck had put Steph in the mood. She climbed into my sleeping bag quietly and we start to fuck.

Tina and Mark were getting louder and the moans were turning into groans of sheer pleasure. I never thought that Steph would enjoy being a voyeur as much as I did, but the louder and more brazen they got, the more horny my wife got. We were all probably a little uninhibited from the beer and wine and it was actually nice for a while that they were a little louder so that we could fuck without being concerned that theyd hear us over their own lovemaking session. Steph was whispering to me that it sounded like my sister was really enjoying herself. I pretty much came immediately.

This thrilled my wife who had now figured out that I fantasized about fucking my sister and knew what it must have been doing to me all day. She teased me about it in whispers to get me hard again and rode me to completion before I came again. Now, weve fucked twice but in the other tent, Tina just keeps going! Steph was really turned on so she asked me to go down on her. I did without a second thought. Steph had never been so horny and naughty! This was waking something in her like it had in me and I ate her pussy enthusiastically for over forty five minutes. Three times she came on my face. But they hadnt even slowed down from the sounds of it!

Theyve gotten louder now and we can hear them. Shes trying to keep her moans quiet some what showing any bit of discretion she has left.

Then Mark said clearly, I dont care if they can hear you! Moan louder!

She complied. She gets into it. Fuck me! You fuck me so good! Words I had heard before and I get hard again.

Steph smiled, thrilled to fuck again. It was almost a competition. Quiet for us of course but in the end it was a competition we couldnt hope to win. I came the third and final time listening to my slut sister, prompted by her fuck machine boyfriend to say loudly into the night for anyone to hear, I dont care if you hear me cum! And she did. Over and over again. Eventually I passed out.


In the morning I woke with a warm mouth already on my stiff cock before I even opened my eyes. I could smell breakfast being cooked over the fire and someone was bustling around out there so I tried to stay quiet. This was the best vacation of my life! Half in dream I imagined that it was Tina sucking me off. It was so good I came in her mouth within minutes! But when she pulled back the sleeping bag I couldnt believe my eyes! It actually WAS my sister! I was in shock, speechless. She explained.

My wife got up earlier and told them that she really liked listening to them go at it all night. Apparently she came on her own hand three. more times after I had fallen asleep while they fucked like animals! Steph told them that she wanted to make Mark breakfast this morning. So Mark told her if that was what she wanted, she had to wear the outfit.

I checked the small screen window of the tent to see her wearing the embarrassingly minuscule thong my sister had wedged up her ass the day before while she prepares his food like a slave and he sits watching her. Her breasts, although smaller, had been obviously pulled out of the bra so they could hang free and on display, her nipples hard in the cold morning air. I couldnt believe what I was seeing and I couldnt believe that I just came in my own sisters mouth, that she sucked me off or that I was getting hard again!

Tina reached over and started stroking it slowly. It felt so good!

He said it would only be fair if we swapped and your wife said youd like this. Was she wrong? she mocked me, clearly feeling me throb in her hands. Pulling a string on her bikini Tina pulled the two tiny napkins of material from her plump hanging globes and set her puppies free. They swayed as she breathed and jerked me harder. I had no words.

Outside, Mark unzipped his pants and his monster cock sprung into view. Watching my wife had inspired him to his full ten inches of length and a thick three inches circumference of intimidating cock meat. It stood straight up in the air. I didnt know whether this guy just popped Viagra constantly or what, but how could he just keep going like this?

Snapping his fingers he ordered her, Feed me.

Steph took the plate of food she had prepared over to him and seeing his cock pointed straight up in the air, rock hard, throbbing and eager for a piece of her, she straddled him awkwardly and pulled aside her damp panties. It was a slow grind as she lowered herself onto him and then fed him by hand as he did nothing but stay hard.

Arent you jealous? I asked my sister as I watched my wife force herself on his raging monster, inch by painful inch. It would clearly be more difficult for my wife than it was for Tina who was used to his size. It doesnt bother you? I asked Tina again.

Fuck no! Im sore and I could use the break. Tina was such a sexual creature it didnt seem like reason entered her mind at all now. I was living the wettest dream I could imagine. He doesnt cum unless he wants to but he can stay hard indefinitely. And you should see how much he cums… Can you see his balls from here?

I strain to see through the tiny flap in the tent and watch my wifes slow and desperate pole dance as she placed small pieces of food into his mouth one at a time. Between his legs his sack hung, full and potent. His nuts were huge like big plums and Steph was trying to milk them. Id never noticed them before.

Tina stroked me as she said smiling, You can actually feel him swell with every shot he puts into you. I have to change the sheets afterwards theres so much&hellip,

Jesus! I cant believe she would do this… was all I could manage.

Tina stopped stroking me long enough to pour some oil onto her chest and rub it around sensually. Yeah, I was surprised she was so forward. She actually asked to see his cock! She said she wanted to know what kind of equipment could cause me to scream like that. I guess she was thinking about it all night. She was half joking of course but once he pulled it out and she laid eyes on that beautiful monster, she asked if she could make him breakfast like I did yesterday. Everything after that was like she was a completely different woman.

Placing my stiff cock between her sex melons she held them tightly around me and started pumping me with them. She continued, Mark asked if that would really be fair to you. Thats when Steph said you got yours yesterday watching me strut around in my skank wear… thats the same skank wear that shes got on right now by the way… so Mark decided that maybe I could fulfill some of your darker fantasies and it looks like he was right! She giggled.

Are you really that sore? I guess he did use you all night… I could just cum on your chest like this…

I think I used him as much as he used me, or couldnt you hear me cumming last night? Tina feigned a hurt look before saying, So is that your way of asking if you can fuck me, big brother? Is that what you want?

I nodded stupidly, saying, Ever since you started sucking your boyfriends off in High school, I think. I never realized it until now.

She smiled, Well I am pretty raw, but, climbing on top of me Tina rubbed her sore pussy along my aching cock. She put my hands on her tits and tipped my cock to the right angle that I could feel myself enter her hot wetness. But between these in your hands and your wife fucking my super stud out there, I dont think youll be able to last very long.

She wasnt wrong. No matter where I looked there was something that drove me crazy. There were no distractions for me to use to last longer or hold out. My sisters breasts felt as good being squeezed in my hands as her pussy felt finally where I wanted it, sliding up and down on my cock. If I tried to look away. To hold on longer I would turn my head and see Steph outside moaning as she rode Marks stone cock rocket with abandon.

You like watching her dont you? Tina enjoyed taunting me. She knew how to bring me off expertly and constantly asked me what I wanted her to do. I wouldnt last long like this.

Suddenly Mark slaps Steph lightly across the face to get her attention and says, Are you trying to cum?

Steph looks shocked but he slaps her ass and orders her to keep going. You were so uptight yesterday. So judgmental. I could see it on your face. Now look at yourself. You want to cum on me like this while your husband watches from his tent?

Yes, came the reply as she started fucking him faster, bucking and gripping him like she were riding a horse or climbing a tree.

He landed his hand down on her ass again with a smack! You just want to cum? Then tell him you like that hes watching you like this.

Steph grunted and groaned as she brought herself to climax, hanging off his arms and turning to face our tent and yelling out, I dont care if he watches! I just want to… Im going to… oh fuck me, Im cumming! Oh gawd I am cumming! I love this cock so fucking much! Oh yeah! Arghhh!

And with that, we shared our first orgasms of the day. Tina whispered in my ear, Look at her thighs, big brother. See her shake and tremble? I know what thats like…

She was right. Steph had collapsed onto Mark but was still twitching and spasming, his massive tool still hard inside her. He let her catch her breath and come down fully from her ecstasy but her ass cheeks kept clenching and her pussy kept gripping the base of his cock. Her thighs flexed and shifted restlessly in this position. She was milking his manhood for every last drop as if he had cum&hellip, though he hadnt. Her pussy was hungry for his potent sperm to be up inside her.

Mark said, Do you want to cum again?

Steph replied, oh my god… She was incredulous but when she realized he was serious she said, Yes… but I just cant, Im sorry.

He immediately picked her up like a rag doll and stood up himself, his cock still hard and glistening in the light, covered in her juices. I was sure her legs wouldnt support her if he let her go. Lucky for her, they didnt have far to go.

Mark bent Steph over the picnic table roughly. She grunted but this was a far better position for her, even if the course wood slats of the table chapped her sensitive nipples. Her big white ass cheeks were a soft target for Marks big prick and he slid back into place quickly. He held Steph in place by her long dark hair that he pulled like reins as he beat up her pussy with his fuck stick.

I flashed back to that first night I saw Mark feed his entire length into my sister over his dining room table and how receptive she had been. I knew Steph would cum again in short order. She was getting the fuck of her life!

Her hands gripped the edges of the picnic table and her mouth spouted off like I had never heard before. Stuff like, Yes, god yeah! Im your fuck toy! Use that pussy like you own it! Do anything you want to me! Ill do anything! Just keep fucking me like this! Oh my god! Ive never been fucked like this before! Youre so good! Youre an animal! Youre so deep! She couldnt stop babbling.

Even with my sister naked and straddling me, I couldnt take my eyes off my wife getting pummeled harder than shed ever experienced and loving it. Her ass cheeks shook like his cock was a boxer hitting the slow bag.

I had to give it to Mark though, he was creative. He called out to me, Hey bro, you finished with your sister for a bit?

I didnt know what to say. Tina answered, Yeah, he came.

Good. Come out here, baby. Marks wish was my sisters command and she crawled out of the tent and walked over to the table completely nude. She was stunning and confident.

Get up on the table and feed this slut her husbands load. Again, Tina obeyed and climbed the table, laying down in front of my wife. She spread her thighs and Mark pushed Stephs face into my sisters sticky, sweet pussy.

It was hard to tell what my wife felt with her face buried between my sisters legs but her legs thrashing around and hands grasping at the air or clamping onto Tinas thighs probably meant that this new degradation was making her cum yet again.

My sister threw her head back and enjoyed herself and teased my wife by saying things like, Oh youre so good, sweetie! Are you sure youve never done this before? My brother cums a lot, doesnt he? Does it taste different coming out of another woman? and Make sure you swallow it all, you dirty girl. I dont want you to waste a single drop! Thats right, lick it off the table.

The two of them used my wife like a party favor to her shock and enthusiastic delight. Eventually I came out of the tent to watch. I think Steph was determined to make Mark cum any way she could. I dont know how he was able to stay hard all day but he fucked my wife beyond reason for the rest of the day. He ordered her around and she complied, getting him drinks and food. She begged him to stop and she begged him for more. Any time I got hard again, like when he stretched her ass open, Tina attentively made herself available and let me take her any way I could imagine. I came in my sisters mouth, pussy and ass almost as many times as my wife came on Marks tool.

It was actually a relief that Tina was so stretched out. I already felt like I came too fast and if she had been tight, I would have only lasted a couple minutes. My wife was another matter all together. Mark had to break her in over several hours so she was a sloppy mess that could easily fit someone his size in any hole. I didnt see Steph complaining.

Steph was such a submissive slut I couldnt believe it! She was drunk and sweating all day long as she aggressively power fucked this guy for all she was worth. They never kissed either. Stephs hair was matted to her face with sweat and Tinas juices and her knees were scraped up from sucking him off. Her ass was red and bruised from several spankings shes been given, one from Tina herself and what was left of her humiliating slave outfit had been left on the ground, forgotten. Her inner thighs were sticky with her own cum running down her legs as Steph desperately wanted to make her stud cum any way she could.

A couple of times he stuck his fingers into her ass and Steph responded with deep animalistic groans of pleasure even though she had denied his huge cock into her back entrance several times, but eventually Mark convinced her to try it saying that if she wanted him to cum, she should offer him a tighter target. She asked him for more fingers first so he had her pull her cheeks wide apart so he could spit on her puckered little asshole and then spend twenty minutes working his way up to all four digits in her accommodating anal entrance to help loosen her up. She gave him a sloppy, wet blow job and then got in place, bent over her picnic table fuck station and waited for him to desecrate her tight little sphincter.

He obliged her. Mounting her unceremoniously, he plugged her with inch after inch of his pimp stick until he was balls deep. At first I thought she might have been in pain from all the grunting and gritting her teeth but then Mark pulled her hand from between her legs where shed been playing with herself and I knew that she enjoyed this new abuse too!

What do you think youre doing? he asked. Youre supposed to make ME cum now. You want to cum again, is that it? Beg me to let you cum.

She did. She begged for him to keep stretching her ass open and fuck it deep and to show her what a whore she was.

Instead, Mark picked her up and forced her to straddle him again in reverse cowgirl while she did all the work and he sat in his folding lawn chair. It was a throne for the king of cock.

You fuck me and you dont cum unless I say so. You understand? Mark slapped her ass looking for confirmation.

Yes sir. Steph started by aiming his warhead at her sloppy anal entrance and sinking lower as it slid into her easily now.

If you cum without my permission, youll be punished. Does that sound fair? Steph lowered her ass so that he was all the way inside her, his full length straining against her insides. Her breath was shallow and rapid.

I dont know if I can stop myself. She was so drunk now and uninhibited I was sure even a punishment sounded fun to her. So Ill do anything you want me to…

With that Steph started greasing his pole. Up and down. Up and down. Her thighs trembled as she tried to be smooth but she was tired and her muscles must have been on fire. Steph rested her elbows on her knees and mewed like a wounded animal as she fucked Mark like he wanted.

Tina came over every five minutes to feed them more wine by pouring it into her own mouth and then spitting it into one of theirs during a sloppy kiss. When Steph slowed down her rhythm, Tina grabbed my wife by the nipples and twisted them hard and Steph squealed, You bitch! Fuck, oh my god! I cant believe you… ugh, believe you… Oh my god, Im going to cum…

Whap! Tinas hand crossed my wifes face. And again! Watching my sister slap the shit out of my wife like she was street trash and my wife seemingly enjoying it put some wood back in my pencil but I was long past doing anything about it. I was all fucked out and now just enjoying the show.

He verbally demeaned Steph, spitting at her, You want to cum? Ill make you cum… You want that punishment, right? Youre little miss do-right! You never get this wild, right? You want to lose control? I have a great idea… You lay here and cum while I make your decisions for you! Would you like that? Huh? Do you want that? Mark had a grasp of my wifes needs and I was learning so much.

My wife tried to please him by speeding up her riding pace, but she was pretty spent now. Still, she was an eager, horny concubine and had no hesitation, saying, Yes. Please! Ill be your fuck toy, whatever you say… whatever you want… just make me cum again…

The beautiful and diametrically opposed euphoric look of ecstasy rolled over my wifes face. Her expressions rapidly swapped back and forth between pain and pleasure. Her eyes drifted somewhere far away and her mouth open, tongue out, drooling in a heavenly stupor one second and then next she pulled back her lips and showed her teeth, nearly screaming for her sore and raw asshole. Thaaaaannnk youuu! She was whispering her gratitude between deep breathes.

Alright. Tina pass me the sheers. Tinas face brightened as she passed Mark a large pair of scissors. Daddys gonna give you a haircut now, okay?

Oh my god… really? O-okay… Fear crept into Stephs voice but she was so turned on that she couldnt back down. I knew her hair was her pride a point of vanity with her. She loved it and spent a lot of time on it to get it right each day. For her to let this guy cut it, for her to trust him so much, the risk must have been the attraction. Stephs eyes unfocused and she stared off into space, committed to her lover, her owner, trying not to actually think, only to feel him strong inside of her.

With the large silver scissors, Mark started chopping away at my wifes perfect mane of hair, her pride and joy! He ram fucked her clearly getting off on the control he had over her. What used to be eighteen inches of wild dark hair became a butchered page boy cut. Maybe six inches at the back and in one swift cut he chopped off her bangs.

There you go, slut! All her hair chopped off in little piles around her on the ground, Steph, drunk and wildly uninhibited had lost all control and came one last time before collapsing and almost passing out for the night. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her entire body convulsed like she was having a seizure. Throughout her final orgasmic ride of the night, Mark pounded away at her like the stud he was.

She couldnt even see what it looked like. Just all the hair at her feet. She couldnt have realized how bad it would look or how inconsiderate he would be to just butcher it, but tired and drunk Steph wasnt thinking about any of that.

Mark didnt even cum! Instead, he just pulled out and took my sister off to their tent or the night, Youre a champ sweetie. I had fun. Then he said to me, Hey man, what a trip, right? I appreciate you letting me fuck your wife. Shes a freak. Your sisters fun too, right? Anyway, were gonna go do our thing. You should take your wife to bed and let her get some rest. She had a long day.

The rest of the night, my wife slept next to me soundly while I stayed up listening as Tina fucked to her complete satisfaction for hours.

I could hear her begging for his cum. Are you going to cum in her or are you going to cum in me? She would ask over and over again and I could hear her throwing herself at him attempting to fuck the cum out of him, their sweaty flesh slapping together but time and again his self control won out and she ended up grinding out another raw climax for herself with relish. Defeat had never tasted so delicious.


The next morning, Steph was horrified with her new haircut. Now sober, she couldnt believe what shed done. I tried to tell her that it wasnt that bad and console her but she wasnt buying it. It was really unflattering and I was just placating her. Tina was back in her embarrassingly tiny string bikini slave outfit and between Marks legs, on her knees, giving him his morning BJ while he ate his breakfast.

She eventually confronted him, arms crossed, steely glare and her newly butchered page boy hair cut. He didnt seem to notice.

Youre wearing too many clothes. Was all he said of her outfit, her original jean cut offs and modest tshirt.

What? She managed, confused by his ambivalence. You mean, you like my hair like this?

He laughed at her. Fuck no! Its fucking horrible and honestly it makes you look fugly, like your head is too small for your body.

Outraged and almost brought to tears, Steph yelled back, Asshole! You did this too me!

Actually you begged me to do it. Came the calm reply.

I was drunk! She spit back.

Here come the excuses… Were you drunk while you fed me my breakfast and rode my cock like a mechanical bull? He smiled either from his self assured conviction or the blow job but either way he was leering fondly at my wifes hips and legs, no doubt remembering what it felt like to break her in with his monster cock.

Now sober, Steph was a little embarrassed by her behavior yesterday.

Yeah. I fucked you, so what? Why the fuck did you chop my fucking hair off? I did anything you wanted! She was holding it together because she was more angry than hurt now but she looked like she could cry again at any moment. She was more vulnerable now than Id ever seen her.

He was calm. I did it because whether you knew it or not, you were hiding behind your hair and now you cant.

Tinas head bobbed up and down dutifully in a slow rhythm that kept him hard but also acknowledged that she was just a place holder until he decided where he was going to cum.

He continued. Now youll have to charm people by using your other&hellip, assets. Like yesterday. After all, how much would you care about how pretty you arent if you knew everyone wanted to fuck you anyways?

He was basically calling Steph ugly in not so many words and I could see it infuriated her but she stayed silent.

You wouldnt care. He told her. So what do butterfaces do?

They use their bodies to get the attention. She whispered almost inaudibly.

Good. Why? He prompted her.

Because they want validation. I could hear the denial in her voice giving way to the self realization that part of her was this primal sexual animal.

He smiled. I know you do. And I enjoy giving it to you. All men do.

Youre just being a prick! Maybe I want respect too… Her words trailed off, hollow.

But you like being a slut here. You said so. He didnt seem phased in the slightest.

Its a way of owning me. I can fuck other men IF I can get them to fuck me despite this fucking hideous haircut? She was baffled at his calm and her confusion.

But you like being a slut. He repeated.

Fuck you. Was all she could manage at this point. It was lame. Who was she trying to lie to at this point? Maybe herself? We all watched her go cock crazy yesterday and now it was as though she was fighting for some shred of dignity in the light of day that had abandoned her by her seventh or eighth cum crazy orgasm of last night.

I tell you what, if youre not wet Ill drop it. Hell, Ill apologize even. He smiled cruelly. But if your pussy is soaking your panties from this degradation then I want you to shut up, put out and start lowering your standards.

She was trapped now with nothing to say. Instead, she glared at him contemptuously. Who was he to put her in her place? To judge her?

To make his point he stood up. Tina wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, breathing out of her slack jawed mouth. I still wanted to fuck her.

Mark stepped toward Steph who was locked into a desperate stare with him at this point. It was a lose lose scenario. If she walked away now, she would have conceded and yet if she held her ground&hellip,

He unbuttoned her shorts slowly. At one point she thought better of the situation and pulled away, but he grabbed her by the crotch of her shorts and pulled her back. His hand slipped into her panties and pushed into her deeply. She looked violated for a moment but she let him take what he wanted and when they came out, his fingers were slick with her juices.

See? You love it.

Steph exhaled, defeated. There was no fight left in her now.

Mark held out his hand for Tina and asked her, What does this taste like, baby?

Tina sucked on his fingers like they were a cock. She was messy but sucked all of my wife off of his hand.

Mmmmm. It tastes dirty like a horny slut who cant get enough. My sister was a void of morality.

And how do we treat horny sluts? His eyes never left my wifes face.

Without missing a beat, as though she had already been trained to answer she said, Like a bitch in heat.

Tina brought her hand across my wifes face and Steph just took it in shame.

Mark then begins to rub her sore clit and kisses her. Steph responds just how he expected her to.

Here. He tosses her a leash and collar. I might be an asshole, but you have to admit that youre a slut now. Just stop being ashamed of it. Once you own it, I think youll be happier.

Steph clipped on her new accessory. What do you want me to do?

Unbutton the blouse. he ordered. Take it off. And the shorts.

Slowly, my wife stripped down to her panties, the dog collar around her neck and leash dangling between her breasts. I could see Tina leering at her from the corner of my eye. Even in her skanky little whore outfit she was still more dignified than Steph now. Even the one piece of clothing she wore now had a dark patch from being dripping wet for everyone to see. We were all just staring at my mostly naked wife now as she returned Marks gaze defiantly. I wondered if Tina had gone through something similar with Mark or if she was just turned on watching him demeaning another woman.

Becoming impatient but not very unselfconscious, Steph asked, Now what?

Do you know what dogging is? he asked calmly.

Steph shook her head, negative.

A bunch of men all meet up in a park or parking lot and insatiable and shameless girls looking for a good time show up and suck them all off and fuck them silly. This campsite has that reputation. Thats why were here. So what now? Youre going dogging. He said it all so matter-of-factly.

Mark took the leash in hand and started leading her out of our camp site, saying, Now youre going to parade yourself around the other campsites and see how friendly you can be with our neighbors. I want you to understand your sexual value. You think this haircut matters to a horny man? Youll soon see that beauty and fucking are two separate things that collude at times. And that validation of your body will give you so much more confidence. It will change your life.

Admittedly, Mark was right. It was such an ugly haircut but just seeing my wifes sexy body, tits swaying as she walked, big full ass tempting and mesmerizing, made it inconsequential what her hair or face looked like. I knew that she would get as much validation as she needed walking around like that. Even more. Just the idea of Steph, spread open or on her knees willingly for dozens of strangers was getting me hard again. I smiled knowing that I would be balls deep in my sister minutes after they were gone.

If you can still walk when youre done, I just might just cum on your face when we get back here. He teased her.

You make that a promise and Ill entertain every swinging dick in this park! She was already getting her confidence back.

Well see about that. He said, slapping her meaty ass as they walked away.

Without looking back, Steph waved vaguely in our direction, Well be back later, guys!

Just like that. She said it dismissively like she was just going out for a couple groceries! Be back in a few! And not only did she not even glance in my direction to see my reaction, to see if that was okay with me! Not only that, she said guys as in plural. She didnt even address me directly! She had taken charge of her sexual destiny and lost control of reason, on her way to fuck and suck the kind of men who came to a fuckdump of a place like this. As many as she could find.

I felt like I was gonna blow my load in my pants right there as she trotted off to her welcome fate. Then I saw Tina beckon me with one finger, her other hand was tugging aside her panties and a smile crept over my lips.

Let me help you with that! She said mischievously.

Date: May 9, 2017