Ambush raped

the girl who boarded the bus at the bus stop every day platonically is a pervert who is in love, the platonic love in order to find home. After some exploration, he finds many ways to show herself to him when alone in the House tries, but does not impose a kind. The rope walks out of the house from the garden into the house and putting it into the pocket secretly spy if you don’t want to rape establishes a plan to attempt. Ambush from the home of the young girl he saw every day in the face of fear when he saw the man filled in a declaration of love to the man himself listens to. The man who can’t get a positive answer on the young girl by tying her hands and her mouth to scream, tear the dress of the thong out of your ass blocks the opening. By laying on the kitchen counter when he started to fuck her, raped Chick want to fuck more exhilarating feeling inevitably.