Elite mamzel Jasmine Jae in fact turned out to be just lustful trash

the Guy thought that he met a glamorous, socialite (not to be confused with Sveta Yakovleva, although looking at Jasmine now, I understand that she is not far away), but as soon as he invited a woman on the first date, all her fucking essence was revealed! Jasmine Jae drank a bottle of vodka in the sting, snacking on a sprat in tomato sauce and wiping her dirty mouth on a snow-white fur coat, and then dragged the poor guy to fuck in the nearest Motel! Johnny castle of course at first was squeamish, but then he went into a rant and tore the pantyhose on the curvy woman, began to tear the drunk woman in vain, and even without a condom… as they say-to be afraid of wolves, in the forest do not fuck!

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