Nicole Aniston caught her husband with his mistress and forced them to fuck furiously in front of her

Curvy beauty Nicole Aniston, digging into her husbands phone, found correspondence with an even more curvy, Latin senorita Audrey Bitoni… OOO, what only vulgarities they did not write to each other and this despite the fact that the man did not fulfill his marital duty for a very long time… but after all, sexy Nicole and the ass turned, and got up with a crustacean… and then she pulled off her panties and asked her husband to fuck her like the first time, but the husband was not overjoyed – he pretended to be ill and stayed at home, while Nicole had to go to work. But the naive man did not suspect that his beloved wife would stay at home and watch him fuck his chic, black-haired mistress… however, even such a person has a conscience and at the most crucial moment, he stops fighting his girlfriend, saying that he loves his wife too much and can not change her… ugh what snot… beautiful Nicole is indignant that he did not fuck this bitch properly and after all, she was so excited, watching her husband dryuchit someone elses heifer Oh fuck, I can not, I love my wife… blah blah blah – bullshit on a stick The wife demands to continue the Banquet and forces the lustful husband to continue the Orgy, fucking both his wife and mistress

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