Playing in Fallout 76, did not substitute teammates even when bro stuck it from behind

No matter how oldfags hailed Todd Howard’s new creation in our beloved universe, the young cutie Aften Opal still decided to purchase this project (and how could she know about such masterpieces as the second part)… and as it usually happens, stuck in the world of the post-Apocalypse with her head, so that she scored on everyone in a row, for a whole week seeding for Curling iron. However, her bro is not ready for such situations, decided to take revenge for the fact that the toadstool exploits his PS, mercilessly ushatyvaya joystick! Knowing that the girl is a very responsible gamer and will never substitute her teammates during the event, he attached himself to her ass right during the game RAID, taking off the girl’s panties and starting to lick her plump pussy-poor Aften Opal of course was against it, but for the sake of not being driven away from the console, the dependent fool was ready for anything

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