Special agent Aletta Ocean conducts anal negotiations with a seasoned bandit

Do you think working in porn is easy and carefree? That this is just heaven on earth-every day to fuck new Chicks with big buffers and still get money… poor Danny Dee wont agree with you – he smells like a horse at work and what does he get in exchange? Caring, caring and grateful? Dick Instead of proper nutrition, he has to eat dry sandwiches without butter, washed down with plain water, and sometimes he is dressed in such stupid costumes that at least hide his head in a bag so that they do not recognize him… unable to withstand the next prank of the writers from Brazzers, poor Danny breaks down and takes the entire film crew as 3alozhniki, promised to fuck them with improvised means… riot police, detectives with flashing lights and a crowd of police officers… but the guys requirements are quite simple – delicious sandwiches, swill and a sissy female with a tight point… to his delight and the happiness of the film crew, the Busty special agent Aletta Ocean arrived on the field, able to disarm any enemy with her anal hole. Boldly rushing into battle, she straddled an armed guy and drained to the last drop the swollen eggs of a would-be extortionist

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