The drunk girl first printed out her gift, and then they printed her herself

the Girl was waiting for her boyfriend for the New Year, but muden preferred to drink with his colleagues at a corporate party, instead of spending the evening with his beloved… but then their neighbor, as well as the best friend of her fiance – a muscular hockey player johnny castle, who did not think of anything better than to present their dirty uniforms in which their team became winners, looked at the light. The gift is of course so-so, but the smell of a male, unwashed body so excited the half-fucked Amara Romani that her pussy immediately got wet and became hot and very hungry. The poor girl couldn’t help herself, especially since her boyfriend had been so mean to her… in General, she did not understand how she ended up riding on the meaty dick of a Jock, from which a fountain of sperm shot straight inside her pink pussy

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