The utility operator did not evict the 18-year-old student, but wound it on his meter

housing and utilities Employee, and in the former Bank collector Peter Ignatievich, came to the apartment to a young 18-year-old girl-student Kenzie Reeves, who banally did not have time to study, work, and go to the Bank to pay bills for the apartment. At all the it should have just turned off the light and water, but Ignatich got up today on the wrong foot and took the eviction form at work, tried to throw the poor thing right out on the street! The naive fool was desperate and decided to give the man her only value – small, not yet grown Tits and a tight, innocent pussy, just to not spend the night in a box again… And Pyotr Ignatievich still smacked his lips with pleasure for a long time and repeated to the cutie, who threw his cock on her Fang – “if you want to live , you can turn around”

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